December Picks

Below you will find books I've reviewed during December, 2014. These books will take you into various genres, from roller coaster political/medical thrillers to personal journeys of discovery as to whether or not God really cares what's going on in your life. Last, but not least, you will see a real glimpse of the life of David Janssen, star of the infamous television series, The Fugitive, a story made possible by one of Janssen's truest friends.

Come along! Take a look at some of the stories I believe you should put on your reading list for 2015.

The Embryo Series


During November, 2014, I wrote almost 51,000 words as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge, finishing the rough draft of The Promise, the fifth title of my Freedom in Love Series to be released sometime in 2015. Of course, I have yet to release the fourth title, Divided Loyalties, but I know devoted fans of the series are anxious to get their hands on both titles.


December, 2014, brought about a different turn of events; instead of writing a marathon, I began losing sleep to a few books I just didn't want to put down after picking them up. The first series I read - which I haven't finished yet - is the Embryo series by J.A. Schneider. I've read three titles so far - each page turners - and I look forward to reading the fourth part of the story over Christmas when losing a little sleep won't matter so much.


In case you happen to be one who reads reviews prior to reading a book, don't let the various lower rated reviews discourage you from taking a second look at this series. In all honesty, I believe some people believe everything in a book, even fiction, must be plausible. If so, I couldn't imagine their reactions to science fiction thrillers and other fantastic (beyond belief) plots. In addition, if there is an element or two mixed up - as in the types of medication given for a certain procedure and so on - the average reader is not going to realize it.  In a nutshell, each book of this series is a medical thriller and takes you along for a roller coaster ride. Prepare to fasten your seat belts if you decide to take on the Embryo series.

A Rose by the Door

It may seem odd to go from such a thrilling roller coaster ride to a Christian fiction title by Deborah Bedford called, A Rose by the Door, but that's exactly what I did. Guess what? A Rose took me on a roller coaster ride, too, but this one was all emotional.


How many tears did I shed getting to know Bea, Gemma and Paisley? How many times did my heart bleed as one hurt the other as a defense mechanism, not wanting to get hurt themselves? How many times did I smile as I could see God healing the characters in His own special way?


This stand alone Christian title is more than a story; it's a journey. We can't help but imagine how we would feel in a given set of circumstances. Even when we want to be upset with a character's words or actions, we understand what is going on behind the scenes. 


All in all, this was an exceptional story with solid, rich, strong characters you won't forget any time soon. If you decide to delve into A Rose by the Door, be sure to have a few tissues near.

Covert Reich

Well, I picked up this medical/political thriller and guess what happened? I was hooked! This time, instead of going to bed at a respectable hour, I stayed up reading until after six in the morning. Covert Reich took me on a ride unlike any I could have ever imagined.


Between the pages of this book, I met a few unsavory characters who hoped to run the country - indeed, the world - the way them deemed would be best. They wanted to get rid of undesirables, the people who didn't quite fit the mold of a respectable society. Of course, those undesirables included anyone who wasn't among the purest of "white society." In fact, the characters were so unsavory, they had developed a plan to rid the world of those they hated in a way you would never guess - and I'm not going to tell you.


If you venture into the pages of Covert Reich, be sure you have lots of time on your hands or you're prepared to stay up all night.

David Janssen: Our Conversations 


Though I've read both parts of this story - The Early Years & The Final Years - I've only gotten around to reviewing the first part at Budden Book Reviews. In this story, published between two volumes, author Michael Phelps shares how he met David Janssen and shares details of numerous conversations they had throughout the life of their friendship, which spanned 15 years up to the time of Janssen's untimely death.


I wasn't even a fan of Janssen - had never heard his name until 2013 - yet, strangely, after reading the book, I wish I, like Phelps, had had the opportunity of getting to know the man behind the scenes, the man David Janssen was when the cameras were nowhere in sight.


If you were a fan of David Janssen, you will likely enjoy seeing this glimpse of the star as told by one of his truest friends, Miami author, Michael Phelps. Go ahead! Take a few moments to check out David Janssen: Our Conversations (The Early Years).