2016 - Year in Review at Budden Book Reviews!

I've read 32 books during 2016 but not all of those titles have made the cut to be featured here at Budden Book Reviews. For one reason or another, about a dozen of those titles didn't make the cut. To be featured on my site, a book must be one I feel giving 5 stars to on Amazon and Goodreads just isn't enough.


Congratulations go out to the 20 authors whose books did receive a unique review here at Budden Book Reviews in 2016. I hope you continue telling terrific stories and sharing your new releases with me.


Moving along ... I looked at the 20 reviews written this year and really wanted to narrow my top picks down to three titles but I couldn't do it with a happy heart. Two titles would have been left out from the five titles I kept returning to and I couldn't bear to make the cut.


After a lot of deliberation, read below to learn Budden Book Reviews' top picks of 2016.


Top Pick of 2016 - Fear is Louder than Words by Linda S. Glaz


When I finished reading, Fear is Louder than Words, by Linda S. Glaz, I stated in my review that it was one of my top picks for 2016. I've read a few books since Fear is Louder but, after all is said and done, this title comes in at the very top of the list - is, possibly, one of the best books to be featured here at Budden Book Reviews since its conception in 2011.

Budden Book Reviews: Remaining Four Picks of 2016

Maggie's Turn

Deanna L. Sletten's book, Maggie's Turn, is another wonderful title which women, even men, are sure to identify with if they find themselves in a stale relationship. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. 

Black Lake

Anne Patrick kept me spellbound with this Christian romantic suspense fiction title. A wholesome story which will take you into the worlds created by the likes of Terri Blackstock. Get your copy today; you won't regret it.

The Slip

Jessica Hawkins has a way of grabbing hold of a reader and not letting go - even if the reading material isn't what a reader would normally read. Slip of the Tongue had me riveted from the time I picked it up until I finished reading it.

Code Name: Papa

John Murray took me on a journey I didn't expect when I started reading his memoirs. He shares about his life as an undercover agent with missions which would make most of us cringe at the mere thought of carrying them out.

I hope you take the opportunity to learn more about Budden Book Reviews' top picks of 2016. Each of these stories would enable you to close the book, feeling that you've learned something fundamental about your life. I truly look forward to the characters I will be introduced to in 2017.