The Pleasure Attained by Reading

Budden Book Reviews is interspersed with thoughts and feelings author Norma Budden has about books she's read in addition to candid interviews with a few of the authors behind the titles.


This venture began in 2011 not long after Budden published her first Kindle title, An Affair to RememberDesiring to find other independent authors, she entered the world of indie fiction and has never looked back.


Occasionally, Budden has been known to pick up titles by some of her favourite mainstream authors and will write a review for those titles, too. However, her experience while reading many of the indie fiction titles she has discovered have been so positive, she admits to spending 90% of her reading time in that world.


"It's a great feeling to purchase a title by someone whose name I've never heard and discover that I'm turning the pages the same as if I was reading titles by my faves like Dee Henderson, Deborah Bedford, Karen Kingsbury and Terri Blackstock, among others," says Budden. "I feel I'm always on the prowl, always looking for the next potential best-selling author."


For readers who may be interested, some of the titles and interviews featured at Budden Book Reviews come from independent authors who have since become New York Times' Best-Selling Authors.


But, wait! There's more! If you have read one of the titles featured here, you can share your own thoughts about the book without having to sign into a special site to leave a comment. All that is needed is your name and e-mail address.


Featured authors: who absolutely loves your book? Let them know about your page so they can comment and spread the word.


Come on! Kick up your feet and allow Norma Budden to introduce you to a few titles you know you'll have to read...and, just so you know, if you click on the book cover featured in each review, it will take you to the book's page on Amazon.


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