December Picks

Below you will find books I've reviewed during December, 2014. These books will take you into various genres, from roller coaster political/medical thrillers to personal journeys of discovery as to whether or not God really cares what's going on in your life. Last, but not least, you will see a real glimpse of the life of David Janssen, star of the infamous television series, The Fugitive, a story made possible by one of Janssen's truest friends.

Come along! Take a look at some of the stories I believe you should put on your reading list for 2015.

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Running A Marathon - or So It Feels

The past several weeks have been busy as I tried to accomplish so many things with only a set number of hours in a day.


Thankfully, when I finished writing the rough draft of Soul Confessions, I was able to go right into writing the fourth title of my Freedom in Love Series (which I hadn't anticipated) titled, Divided Loyalties.


Even more thankfully, because of the length of seniority I have at work, I have six weeks of annual vacation at my disposal every year. I've used most of it, even taking a couple of weeks to fly myself, my kids and grandkids to Winnipeg (from Nunavut) to begin exploring Manitoba.


We had a wonderful time. I even know where I hope to retire when the time is right - and the nearest store will be about a 20 minute drive away. 


I came back recharged and, within three days, I was back at the computer, determined to finish Divided Loyalties before returning to work on the 24th.


I'm proud to say I accomplished my goal. I finished the rough draft early this evening and I'm so excited because, now, I can finally work on getting Soul Confessions published, then Divided Loyalties soon afterwards. 


I can also take the time to write a few book reviews I've been placing on the back burner, in hopes of getting these stories written. I will have another title published before the year is out, a drama this time, titled If Only. It is sure to touch your heart and soul.


That's all for now. I hope you are having a wonderful summer.


May you stay safe and remain blessed,


February 07, 2015 update: This blog was written early evening on July 20, 2014, before I received news about the death of a dear friend -which rocked my world. I'm sorry for the delay in getting my books published as quickly as I had hoped but, when catastrophic heart and soul events happen, other things take a back seat for a while. 




From Blue Skies to An Assassin

I have various thoughts going through my head as I reflect upon the last two stories I've read, both of completely different genres it makes my head spin.


The first is a title by Lance McCulloch titled, The Colors of Blue, a story set on Colorado's Tres Piedras Ranch. I could tell it was a beautiful place just by the descriptions McCulloch provided.


It touches on romance but it also reflects upon the various types of relationships we have in life, one no less important than the other. It also sends home the message that there are always blessings to come, no matter how bleak today may look.

The Assassin is the second book which I finished recently. In this story, I was introduced to Max Doerr, one of the best snipers an agency could hope to employ.


It is because of this skill that he was assigned to find and eliminate certain targets. However, Max questions one assignment in particular which later has him breaking a sweat.



Traveling from one continent to another, being the assassin he was trained to be, Max learns a few surprises along the way - even the identity of the man who murdered his son - and wonders, in the end, if he had been played.


Both of these books were enjoyable for different reasons. The Colors of Blue took me on a journey into the heart of nature at its best, introducing me to a few characters who have become dear to me.


The Assassin, on the other hand, introduced me to more than its fair share of unsavoury characters, showing human nature at its worst. Even so, the action and suspense made me keep turning pages; I just had to know what happened next.


You may want to read one of these titles or you might prefer to read something else. Whatever the case, I just wanted to present these titles to you in case you had not heard of them.


Whatever you decide to read when you pick up a book again, I wish you a wonderful journey.