2016 · 17. September 2016
Think about the volume of your voice. Think about how much louder you become when you get excited. Do you think you are loud? Have you ever felt a level of fear that was louder than any words you have ever spoken, a level of fear that just made you want to look over your shoulder at every turn, made you even want to scream?

2016 · 27. March 2016
On January 1, people make resolutions for the upcoming year - improving their lives in some way, planning a trip they've been putting off forever, finally deciding to buy their dream house, and so on. It's a new beginning and many people want to embrace something new. I live in the Arctic. Though I, too, have ideas for what the new year may bring, it isn't until spring when I really feel as if I'm getting a new beginning. Perhaps it's because I don't feel the Arctic cold as I do in January. It...

2016 · 14. February 2016
You may, or may not, celebrate Valentine's Day, but I wanted to take a few moments to wish you a wonderful day. I think about all of the love I feel for the various people who make up my life, and I cannot help but take a few moments to tell each of you how much I appreciate having you in my life. First, I thank God for creating me. Looking through time before I was ever created in the flesh, He saw me in His mind. He knew what would make me happy, knew the heartbreak I would feel at certain...