2017 · 04. December 2017
Elaine Stock is a Christian fiction author who loves to write about real-life situations people find themselves in, and the ensuing emotions. Learn what she thinks about the changing of the seasons and how it plays a part in the stories she writes from her heart.

2017 · 18. June 2017
Deanna Sletten captures the heart and soul of her characters, which captivates the people who decide to read her stories. One Wrong Turn is about a man who has committed his share of wrong-doings but, in the end, is redemption withheld because of past choices or can forgiveness still take place?

2017 · 21. May 2017
Sally Fernandez brings to light the disturbing truth about climate change, and the repercussions we could face as a result of trying to prevent it. After you've read Climatized - endorsed by scientists who are experts in their field - you'll never hear about global warming without remembering the story contained within.

2017 · 14. May 2017
An introduction to Ashley Fontainne's release, Ruined Wings, which focuses on drug addiction and the impact it has upon the lives of everyone involved. Fontainne has written numerous titles which have garnered international attention and has become an award-winning and best-selling author.

2017 · 23. April 2017
Linda S. Glaz shares her love for writing about what she refers to as "creepy characters" - those characters we all just love to hate. Learn a little about the author - how she passes her time, the important people in her life - her passions. You'll also have an opportunity to share your thoughts about your favorite "creepy character" so come along and let us get to know you a little more, too.

2017 · 14. April 2017
Meet Vicki Crum, author of creepy characters she just loves to create - the kind of characters readers love to hate. Get to learn more about the author and what fascinates her most when it comes to romance.

2017 · 20. March 2017
Fleeing for their lives, Monica and Chase meet under dire circumstances. While running for their lives, with no one to turn to, they turn to each other. Was it the best, or worst, decision of their lives?

2017 · 12. March 2017
Mary Campisi caught my attention when she published, A Family Affair, and she hasn't let go. I could never anticipate that one book would turn into a full-blown series, each story drawing me into the various webs she creates. In fact, the series has spin-off series' as well and there is actually a suggested reading order on Mary Campisi's website.

2017 · 11. February 2017
Of everything you believe you know, of everything you have been led to believe, how much of it is true? Climatized will have you questioning everything.

2017 · 07. January 2017
I've read a few books during 2016 but these are definitely my favourites, titles I would definitely recommend that you read.