2019 · 07. December 2019
I had the opportunity to catch up with Granville Street's author, Louis Lamoureux. He decided to share a little about his life with us here at Budden Book Reviews and admits that Granville Street was, indeed, inspired by true events.

2019 · 04. December 2019
Addiction has a devastating effect on more than just the addict. It affects the lives of the family and, in some cases, co-workers, too. Addiction doesn't only refer to substance abuse. It refers to anything, whether ingested or an external activity, which has the potential to hinder a person's, or family's, well-being.

2019 · 19. November 2019
I was introduced to this wonderful author who can spin a tale of such a caliber that I cannot forget it - and I have read two gripping titles since I finished reading Shadow of Doubt. It is one of those stories I know that will hold on to me. It was a pleasure to get to know a little about the author. In fact, I hope I have an opportunity to meet her someday.

2019 · 29. October 2019
Without a doubt, this is a legal thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will also make your heart glad to have people who love you because one of the characters in this book died, leaving behind a legacy of hatred.