When Chase Meets Monica

Published in the fall of 2011, An Affair to Remember is the first book of my Freedom in Love Series. From cover to cover, it is packed with action, suspense, mystery and romance.


Monica lives a simple existence as a book editor and writer. She comes home from her office each day and spends time with the only person she has left in the world - her mother.


Chase is a cop who doesn't know what he will have to deal with during any given work shift. With a young family waiting at home, he has much to be thankful for - even if his marriage has seen better days.


One night changes everything.


When preparing to leave her office one evening, Monica is drugged and kidnapped then shoved into the back of a dark sedan.


A short while later, a report of gunshots being fired at an abandoned warehouse comes in; Chase and his partner rush to the scene of the crime to find three dead men (with guns) sprawled on the warehouse floor.


Hours later, as Chase stands guard over a sleeping Monica, a shot rings through the hospital corridor. With no time to lose, Chase makes a plan to escape.


How could he have known they would be running for their lives, that the entire focus of his life was about to change?


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