While Angels Stand Guard

Republished in July, 2013, this book was initially titled, Finding Tracey. In the process of reviewing the book for republication, it was intended to be a stand alone title; however, people have expressed interest in reading a sequel so we shall see what time may bring.


As Angels Watch is, at it's heart, a Christian love story. Collin and Jewel live in different countries but have the same powerful convictions. They have grown close through their Internet correspondence and decide it is time to meet in person.


As Angels Watch not only shows a budding relationship between Collin and Jewel, though; it also portrays a loving Heavenly Father who has angels watching over them to be sure nothing happens outside of His plan.


The angels' roles are serious in that they are standing on guard for the Master. However, Michael and I created them to bring humour into the story - to show that God smiles and laughs, too.


A little way into the story, we meet Tracey - one of Jewel's abused and neglected students - who shakes things up when she asks to stay with Jewel. Even so, by the time you've finished reading the story, you'll realize there is more to Tracey than meets the eye.


The characters are real. Their emotions are real. You might even see one of them when you look into your mirror.


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