A Mother's Journey into Hell

Published in November, 2012, this was (without a doubt) the hardest book I ever ventured to write. Inspired by true events - with fictional elements added to protect peoples' identities - almost every time I sat down to write, I was filled with emotion.


During the first half of the book, I went through highs and lows but mostly found myself rewarded with a sense of peace - until tragedy struck, bringing the second part of the book to life.


I cried and cried, then cried some more as I wondered what the main character, Kelly McSheaver, would have to deal with next.


The Back Story


Essentially, until the time Kelly McSheaver left home, she had it all; she grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Though she worked for things, she didn't have to work as hard as most people. What she needed, she had and what she wanted, she sought to gain through grit and determination.


Making good grades in school came easily and she had an abundance of friends. She loved her family and had a terrific boyfriend, even planned to marry him.


What happened?


On her way to see her college professor friend, Annette, Kelly was raped. Several weeks later, she learned she was pregnant with her rapist's child.


What did she do?


Several months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kiara. However, by this point in her life, the only person she had in her corner of the world was Annette. Her boyfriend, family and all of her friends had forsaken her, believing she should have had an abortion.


From there the story moves on in ways the reader would never suspect. Healing springs forth in the most unlikely places. Heartache knocks on Kelly's door just as it does the reader's. When hope seems like a possibility, despair takes over and we watch Kelly grapple with what her life has become.


Just as in life, there are rainbows in the story - people who bring a sense of hope and joy into Kelly's life, reminding her about the promise tomorrow can bring.


Coming Unglued is definitely written for a mature audience. Regardless of your gender, have a box of Kleenex at your side. You may even want to have a notebook and pen handy in case there are thoughts you'd like to journalize as you read the story.


If you are interested in reading about Kelly McSheaver's story, please visit Coming Unglued's page on Amazon.