Cal Rogan - When Heroin Calls

Cal Rogan may be a former detective, turned junkie, but that in no way diminishes his intuition nor his skills as a detective. When his best friend, Kevin, was murdered - yet everyone insisted it was a suicide - only two people wanted the answers: Cal and Kevin's dying father.


Even with an addiction to battle, Cal would turn over every stone to prove his best friend did not take his own life, despite the desperate situation he soon learned Kevin had been facing.


Junkie was an apt portrayal of addiction. The cravings took priority over everything, and everyone. The evidence shows how his addiction to heroin detroyed his marriage, even threatened his relationship with his little girl. Even the friends who had held him in high regard had trouble trusting the new Cal.


Despite the break-up of his marriage, Cal still loved his wife. His little girl - he could never live without. In fact, his little girl is the reason he chose to survive and face another day, no matter how hellish that day might turn out to be.


As for Cal's connections, because he was homeless, he had connections with people from his past life and from the streets. Though he feels a sense of betrayal at his previous comrades not trusting him nor his instincts, not taking him seriously, he had to admit that he had a few trust issues himself.


Admittedly, the pages flew by as I entered what I could only refer to as a maze, so intricately written. The journey was, at times, painful but the writing was absolutely spectacular. There is no doubt Robert P. French has a brilliant mind.


If you would like to read this action-packed crime-fiction thriller suspense novel, visit Junkie's page on Amazon.


When I first heard of Cal Rogan, he sounded intriguing and, having an opportunity to buy three books in one, I took the opportunity - only having read the synopsis for the first book, Junkie. 


I finished that one and it was on to the second in the series, Oboe, at which time I read the synopsis. Phrases such as "ritualistic murder" and "religious cult" sent shudders through my spine. 


I got in touch with French and made my apologies, telling him I would have to skip reading Oboe and go right into the next book. He replied almost immediately to assure me I should give it a chance. He said he didn't dwell on details and thought I would really enjoy the story. I took him at his word and began reading.


Cal, the detective, is on fire to solve a case involving the murder of a young boy which appears to be ritualistic in nature. As a family man, his ex-wife and daughter remain the two people closest to his heart. As an addict, he has been winning his battle against heroin for 15 months - until something happens which threatens to spiral his life out of control.


To say I enjoyed the story is an understatement. It truly does have more twists and turns than a rattlesnake - from Cal's personal life to his life as a detective. Even when the mystery of a young boy's murder seemed to have been solved, Cal's gut sensed something was missing - and it turned out he was right. In fact, I wondered if Cal's mind would ever be settled because it seemed there was always something more that had to come together for him to feel the case had truly been solved. I am usually good at solving mysteries but this one had so many layers, I didn't stand a chance of unravelling all of them. 


In actuality, I believe I enjoyed Oboe even more than Junkie, and I loved reading Junkie. Now I wait with breathless anticipation to see what the third book, Lockstep, will bring. If you would like to read Oboe, click here to visit its page on Amazon.




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