Dramatic Events

Sometimes I come across books which contain fictional memoirs of characters' lives; characters share aspects about their lives and how these events have helped shape them into the people they have become. Some characters even tell us their life stories and we see how introspective they are in the telling of the story.


In these stories, crime isn't usually a part of the story nor is paranormal activity. There are no thrillers in this category, though there are definitely page-turners. Romance may factor into it but it is the telling of the events themselves which takes precedence.


The books found in this section of Budden Book Reviews could be about a family struggling after the loss of a loved one. Perhaps a parent struggles because a child is on a downward spiral into a world of despair. A break-up of a relationship could have happened and we are privy to reading what really happened. It could even involve the tangled web of what a person's life has become.


In any event, take a look at the covers below to see titles which will give you something to think about long after the last page has been turned. It may be a lesson you learn. Perhaps you will gain insight. It could even be that you simply enjoy a story and feel the need to recommend it to your friends.


Below, you will find the book covers for drama-related titles which have been featured at Budden Book Reviews. Click on either cover to read the review.




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Drama-Related Books Reviewed