Interrupted by A Gunshot

Published in September, 2012, Moonlit Walk is a short story featuring an episode which brings two strangers together, as comrades.


Having returned to his childhood home, Scott decided to take a walk along the marina on a moonlit night as he did so often in the past. However, this time, the tranquility he was accustomed to was shattered by a single gunshot and the ensuing scream which pierced the darkness.


Acting on reflex, he crouched and surveyed his surroundings - thankful for the lights lining the marina.


When he saw flames and smoke coming from a yacht, he ran but tripped over something and fell hard onto his knees. Trying not to cry from the sudden burst of pain, he heard someone whimpering and had to check it out.


What would he discover? Would he be able to walk away or would an unexpected encounter change his life forever?


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