A Love That Was Forbidden

This is the fifth title of Portia Moore's series titled, If I Break. As soon as I learned that What Happens After was available, I had to snatch it up and begin reading it.



In this book, the story doesn't focus on Chris/Cal and Lauren; instead, it pursues what happens after an eight-year-old secret is revealed at the Scott's house. It shows the reader quite vividly about the events which led up to that moment, especially surrounding the lives, and loves, of three major characters: Will, Gwen and Lisa. 


What Happens After delves into the ramifications of an affair - how it affects those involved and those who are devastated when the secret is revealed. Of course, in this story, there are two love affairs which take place, one more innocent than the other. Allow me to explain.


Will is dating Gwen's older sister, Gia - has even asked her to marry him  - but she doesn't give him a definite answer. For me, as a reader, they seem more like friends than two people who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. When Will meets Gwen, in the most unexpected of places, I soon notice how comfortable they are with each other and hope the two of them might get together instead. There was just a connection between them I was hoping the author would explore, and I was pleased with the way their story was told.


The other relationship involves an older Will and a young lady he notices, essentially, for the first time in years. However, this lady who makes his heart feel alive is close to someone Will loves and, in getting caught up in an affair with her, he risks losing not only his reputation but the love of the people he loves most.


What Happens After is probably my favorite book of the series, and I believe I felt that way after finishing the last book. Regardless, the emotion portrayed in this book resonated within me more than I expected, which is saying something since Moore's books have always made me feel as though I was drawn into a web I couldn't escape.


In some ways this series reminds me of my own Freedom in Love series. There is much drama which occurs between the pages of each book and the lives of the central characters have such depth, it seems the reader would never grow tired of reading about their lives. There is also an eight-year-old secret which, once revealed, turns the lives of many characters upside-down.


But I digress...


Going back to Portia Moore's books, you can read my thoughts about the first books of the If I Break series here. Be sure to check out What Happens After at Amazon.