Historical Elements

In this section of Budden Book Reviews, you will find titles featuring historical elements.


These titles will be rich in history, allowing you to learn a little along the way. It doesn't matter that the titles listed here will be fiction-based, as far as I can foresee. There are always elements of truth in fiction titles, anyway.


Take a look at the menu above to see titles containing historical elements; below, you will see the book covers for each title reviewed, thus far. Click on either cover to be taken to its review here at Budden Book Reviews.




Please note: On the menu above, you will notice the occasional title without apostrophes. For example, Solomons Men should read Solomon's Men. However, with the apostrophe, the link becomes awkward. In trying to keep the words together, it is necessary to omit any apostrophes in the menu so the link will read "solomons-men" instead of "solomon-s-men."

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