Paranormal Occurrences

Since creating my book review blog in 2011, I've branched out in terms of the types of books I read. In the past, primarily sticking to Christian fiction titles, there were worlds I would not enter because I didn't want to venture outside of my comfort zone.


What changed? Basically, I decided I wanted to support indie authors in any way I could. That being said, there are genres I will not read but I felt the need to branch out and see what was out there in terms of indie authors and the stories they have written.


Along the way, I've discovered some fantastic story-tellers and I've been proud to feature them at Budden Book Reviews.


This section of the site will feature books in which, if not for a paranormal occurrence, the stories would not have been written. The paranormal elements are integral to the story even if other events which transpire are every-day occurrences involving romance, crime and so on.


Browse the menu above to see the paranormal fiction titles featured so far at Budden Book Reviews. Look below to see the covers for each title. To read the review, just click on the cover.


Embark on a journey you have yet to discover. You won't be disappointed.


Please note: On the menu above, you will notice the occasional title without apostrophes. For example, Saras Promise should read Sara's Promise. However, with the apostrophe, the link becomes awkward. In trying to keep the words together, it is necessary to omit any apostrophes in the menu so the link will read "saras-promise" instead of "sara-s-promise."

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