Love Continues in My Dreams

When I saw the cover for In My Dreams by Cameo Renae and read the synopsis, I just had to check it out - and I'm glad I did! I had the opportunity to witness an amazing love story.


More than anything, Elizabeth wanted to marry Michael but she knew something was wrong when he failed to pick her up on time, yet didn't call. Falling asleep on her couch while waiting for him, she heard his voice though he wasn't in the room - and it marked the beginning of a journey unlike any other I've embarked upon.


Elizabeth soon learned that Michael was killed in a car accident but, when visions began to occur, she saw the events which led to his death - witnessing his murder. Soon she would have visions of being in danger herself.


Yet, in spite of the suspense involved in the story, I saw the way Michael and Elizabeth loved each other. Even from the grave he, literally, met her in her dreams and took her on various adventures. The things they never had an opportunity to do in life were carried out as Elizabeth slept - and they had one adventure after another which made the tragedy of Michael's death even more pronounced.


I felt Michael was a man who should have been granted a longer life so he could love Elizabeth the way she deserved to be loved - and be loved in return - but such is life.


Too often, the most loving souls are taken far too early, begging us to ask the question, "Why?" Couldn't they have lived another year or two, or ten or twenty? Why did things have to happen as they did? I'm sure you can identify with these questions - questions which can drive us crazy if we don't let them go and accept that heartbreaking things happen in each of our lives.


That being said, however, Michael knew Elizabeth was in danger - that the same person who killed him would be coming after her. He helped her in the only way he knew and fought the forces of evil on her behalf, as she tried to protect him from further danger.


Ultimately, In My Dreams made me think, even as it struck a chord in my soul as I got to know Elizabeth and Michael and witnessed the love they shared. It's the stuff dreams are really made of - indeed, the way relationships are designed to be: loving each other unconditionally, protecting and nurturing each other regardless of circumstances.


Cameo Renae is an author to watch - and I, for one, will be watching. If you would like to learn more about this beautiful story which continues on, even after death comes knocking on one's door,feel free to visit In My Dreams at Amazon.