From My Dreams to My Reality

In My Reality by bestselling author, Cameo Renae, is actually the second part of a story titled, In My Dreams.


When I finished reading In My Dreams a few years ago, I didn't feel the story was finished; I felt there could be a follow up story and, apparently, numerous other people made the same request of Cameo, to tell us what happened after.


In case you haven't read In My Dreams, I don't want to spoil it for you so I will only say this: Lizzy was left in a precarious position after losing someone who was as close to her heart as her next breath is to her lungs.


I was absolutely delighted when Cameo Renae announced the publication of In My Reality. At long last, I could read what happened in Lizzy's life after such an untimely, and tragic, loss.


In My Reality sees Lizzy leaving her comfortable home in Alaska - as comfortable as it could be given the gift which had been bestowed upon her three years earlier. In short, Lizzy saw people the average person cannot see. She saw people whose souls were searching for answers, souls who were not ready to let go, not ready to embrace their eternal reality.


A trip to California, made possible by her best friend, brought her out of her comfort zone. She was now in a different place, meeting different people, but encountering the occasional soul who would seek her out no matter who she was with or where she was. 


In the midst of it all, even prior to leaving her home in Alaska, Lizzy dreamed of an injured man, a man who had been injured in a car crash. She sensed he needed her but she had no idea who he was.


As the story unfolded before my eyes, I sensed who that person was and thoroughly enjoyed her interactions with him. I had hoped she might open her heart to him, to give love another chance. His character is one I truly enjoyed from the moment I first met him and I sensed Lizzy could truly be happy with this dynamic, yet caring, individual.


I could never have predicted the outcome of the story - so tragic, yet beautiful, at the same time. Even so, there is a part of me that misses what might have been had life unfolded in a different way.


I will be honest with you. Typically, stories of this nature are not something I read. I'm used to the traditional Christian romance, mystery and suspense stories. I don't read anything pertaining to werewolves and vampires, avoid erotica, and will set aside a book if the first chapter is riddled with profanity. Essentially, I have a comfort zone which I strictly adhere to in my reading and writing. 


That being said, Cameo Renae is one author who can draw me into her stories no matter what she writes, no matter what her characters are. It could be because of the real elements she includes in her stories, because every scene doesn't involve some type of paranormal or supernatural element. Whatever it is, she makes me feel for her characters, think about them, wonder how they are doing. In fact, to date, such an honor only goes to two authors I've become acquainted with who write in this genre: Cameo Renae and Kelley Grealis, author of "The Descendant Vampire" series.


You may think In My Reality is out of your realm, too, but I would invite you to read In My Dreams first. I believe you'll find yourself wanting to read more and In My Reality will be right at your fingertips. 


Consider taking a look at the reviews posted on Amazon and Goodreads. I, for one, really enjoyed both stories.