Review Policy

Typically, I read books at my own pace. Sometimes I read seven or eight books per month but, when writing or working on publishing a title, I may only get around to reading one or two.  Also, most times, I find books quite by accident - or so it may seem. Amazon suggests a title depending upon my interests or I click on a blog and a cover fascinates me.

I read books according to what I'm interested in reading at the time. I might buy a book today and have it finished within a day or two. However, it's also likely that I'll buy a book and might not get to it for several months. It just depends.

People do request a book review sometimes and I'll make every effort to oblige, as long as it's a subject matter I am interested in reading. I cannot guarantee when a review will be posted, though will let you know when it goes live. If you are requesting that I write a review as part of a blog tour, I will try my best to be part of it but would request that you give me, at least, two to three weeks notice.

I would also prefer to receive a .mobi file after I've agreed to review your book. You may do this one of two ways: by sending me a gift card/gift copy of your book through Amazon or by sending me the file directly. I will let you know my e-mail address at the time I agree to review your book.

When I publish a review, I post a more in depth review at Budden Book Reviews. I will also post condensed, unique reviews at Amazon and Goodreads.

My preference is romance (not to be confused with erotica), mystery/crime/suspense, dramas and thrillers. I will consider books centered around war, science-fiction and fantasy. I will not read erotica nor anything pertaining to the occult, witchcraft or subjects along those lines.

If you have published a book - whether you're a NYT Bestselling Author or it's your first time - and would like to get in touch with me about possibly reviewing your title, please send me a message below.

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