Running Away Solves Nothing

Published in August, 2012, Written on the Stars is a novella I wrote inspired (in part) by a trip my children and I had taken to Baltimore, Maryland, during the summer of 2011 to meet Mama Lewis.


The love story which developed is a figment of my imagination. However, I thought about how hot and dehydrated I was when visiting the Baltimore Zoo with my children and Mama Lewis' daughter, Renee, who seemed accustomed to the heat.


It didn't take long for a story to be born in which a young man rescues a young lady from, what she feels, was certain death.


When reading, Written on the Stars, it feels like someone is telling us a story - in this case, Sarah. Most of the story is told through flashback with the ringing phone or a noise from the present interrupting our conversation at times.


Essentially, we meet Sarah Chambers at a point in her life when she is trying to forget about Mike Rivers, the young man she met in Baltimore so many years ago.


She still loved him, but what did it matter? His parents had ideals for him, who he should marry, and she wasn't their ideal. Determined to take a step forward, she arranges to meet an online friend but gets the surprise of her life when she runs into Mike instead.


Fleeing into the darkness, Sarah can’t seem to outrun the memories which chase her – of falling in love, of falling apart. Desperate to find refuge from the gathering emotional storm, she heads home - the only sanctuary she knows.


Hours later, Mike shows up on her doorstep, needing so desperately to talk to her. In so doing, he reveals a devastating secret.


Will it bring the ultimate showdown between them or will Sarah be able to look inside herself and, finally, forgive?


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