The Mystery at Blue Coyote Motel

Dianne Harman drew me into her story from the first page of Blue Coyote Motel. Having grown up in a less than ideal environment, Maria had three goals in life: to remain beautiful, to marry a rich man and to get out of the barrio. She achieved all three when she met and, later, married a scientist named Jeffrey.


Jeffrey was responsible for creating an anti-aging hormone and, because his wife was so preoccupied with maintaining her beautiful appearance, he began giving her monthly injections to ward off signs of aging.


The secret was discovered and he lost his job. Shortly afterwards, they bought a run-down motel and fixed it up with the intention of Maria being occupied with guests as Jeffrey continued his experiments in his lab.


Because Maria was also subject to mood swings, Jeffrey wanted to create something to help her in hopes that she wouldn't have to suffer from bouts of depression any longer.


Well, he was successful - but, between them, they crossed the line of administering that drug to others without their knowledge - people who seemed weak, exhausted or down on their luck.


Each of the six people mentioned left the Blue Coyote Motel feeling refreshed and energized, with a new lease on life.


It was Jeffrey's hope to become God-like - to be a saviour to the world because his drug would put an end to wars, fights and other unsavory occurrences because people would get along well, feeling more free as individuals and as a nation.


It would be several months before we are made aware of the ramifications - before we learn of the horror which takes place, not only in the lives of Jeffrey and Maria but in the lives of their previous visitors.


It was definitely an intriguing story which took me to many parts of the globe, lending the impression that Harman is a well-traveled woman who has first-hand experience about the places and some of the events shared in Blue Coyote Motel.


On a personal note, I don't know if I will ever hear the word freedom again without thinking of this story. It has made a huge impact - not because I feel someone may poison the air around me without my knowledge, but knowing how easy it is for someone to do such a thing (should they choose) is a scary concept I'd rather not ponder.


I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. I have to know what happens to these characters, how they manage to pick up the pieces of their lives.


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